• Brand Introduction

    Brand Introduction

    NINGBO X-POWER  is a leading manufacturer that specializes in equipment and tools. Along with experienced motivated employees,  NINGBO X-POWER is dedicated to providing our customers with tough equipment & tools at incredibly low prices. Today,  Why Choose NINGBO X-POWER TOOL 1.Tough Quality ...
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  •  Specification for operation of tile cutting machine

    Home decoration when the ground need to use ceramic tile, the ground used the ceramic tile area is larger, doesn’t fit into new laid, you need to ceramic tile cutting, then can use the product, such as ceramic tile cutting machine to look at the classification of ceramic tile cutting, if is...
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  • How to cut tiles correctly?

    Cut tiles with a wheel cutter/scriber or speed cutter You can make straight cuts manually with a tile cutter wheel (or tile scriber) or with a snap-on tile cutter. The process is similar for both methods, but larger tile jobs may be handled more efficiently with a fast tile cutter. Always wear sa...
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  • How to cut tiles?

    How to cut tiles? Many DIY home improvement projects require learning how to cut tile. Install the tailgate? New floor? You may need his skills. Porcelain and tile are the two most popular options, but stone, tile and glass tiles are also fairly common materials. Tile projects can be done by hand...
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